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Best podcasts for accountants

Posted by Laura Bell on 11/03/2023

Unlock expert advice and keep up-to-date with the best podcasts for accountants

In the ever-evolving world of accounting and finance careers, keeping apace with change is paramount to your success. One of the most convenient and engaging ways to access insights and industry trends is by listening to the best podcasts for accountants.

Podcasts have become a staple for business professionals looking to expand their knowledge and networks. Whether you’re a seasoned accountant, or a fresh graduate entering the world of finance, we’ve got you covered with our picks of the best podcasts. From careers advice to technical insights or a deep dive in the UK economy, you’ll find it here.

So without further ado, let’s jump into our selection of the best podcasts for accountants. These picks are sure to help you to excel at work, and keep you entertained along the way!

Best podcast for accounting careers: Humanise The Numbers

Approaching its 100th episode, the ‘Humanise The Numbers’ podcast offers hour-long interviews with owners, directors, and managers of accounting firms across the UK. It provides valuable insights into the best practices that drive success. For example recent episodes have explored how to grow your revenue per client, how to have brilliant client meetings, and the ‘team first’ approach that is driving success at one rapidly scaling accounting practice. The podcast’s strapline is ‘helping ambitious accountants’ so check it out if that sounds like you.

Best podcast for business leadership: Business Noodles And Doodles

Our very own podcast, ‘Business Noodles and Doodles’, peeks into the minds behind brilliant businesses as they share their own stories in their own words. It uncovers what motivates successful leaders and the invaluable lessons they’ve gleaned on their career journeys.

Popular episodes include conversations with Nick Rodda from Rodda’s on his fifth generation family business, Chris Ormrod from Cakesmiths on private equity funding, Emily Delve from Coastal Recycling on employee ownership trusts, Thomas Bourne from Greenheart on B Corp. In the next episode we’ll discuss growing a consumer goods business with Joanna Allen, CEO at Graze.

It’ll set your mind noodling with some great ideas!

Best podcasts for politics: Political Currency and The Rest Is Politics

We can’t pick between them, so here are two podcasts for anyone who is curious to decode recent political events. These podcasts explore how political decisions impact business and the economy, and you’ll be able to draw on what you hear when advising your clients about their futures.

Brand new podcast ‘Political Currency’ brings together former treasury giants George Osborne and Ed Balls to analyse the latest economic stories. The two self-styled ‘frenemies’ offer contrasting insights into economic developments to provide a well-rounded view of the economic landscape.

The more established ‘The Rest Is Politics’ podcast is hosted by former Downing Street communications director Alastair Campbell and former cabinet minister Rory Stewart. It provides an insider’s perspective on both domestic and international political matters. Campbell and Stewart’s robust dynamic and opposing politics ensures a respectful exploration of different viewpoints.

Best podcasts for accounting news: Accounting Influencers and AccountingWEB UK

Stay at the forefront of the accounting world with the ‘AccountingWEB UK’ podcast. From taxation to regulatory changes, HMRC policy, business recovery, financial technology and industry trends, the podcast covers a very wide array of topics to keep accountants well-informed.

The ‘Accounting Influencers’ is a weekly podcast that offers a blend of news analysis and expert insights. Not overly technical, it looks at topics impacting the accounting profession including leadership, technology, growth, diversity, corporate finance, career development, industry statistics and strategy. This one has guests from across the world to give you a very wide perspective.

Both of these accounting podcasts offer really valuable discussions on the challenges and opportunities ahead for the accounting sector. We think they are well worth a listen!

Best podcast about the economy: The Rest Is Money

Another new podcast ‘The Rest Is Money’ is hosted business journalist Steph McGovern and economics expert Robert Peston. It unpicks complex topics without any confusing jargon. For example recent episodes have explored the impact of AI on jobs, the factors driving high inflation and what to expect from shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves if the Labour party win the next election.

With this list of the best podcasts for accountants a world of insights is just a click away. We hope you enjoy listening to them and that you pick up ideas that resonate for yourself, your team and your clients. Now hit ‘play’ and enjoy some of the best podcasts around!