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Life As A Trainee Accountant

Group of smiling team members sat in at a boardroom table listing to a presentation and taking notes.

I started as a trainee accountant at PKF Francis Clark in August 2021 and since joining the firm I feel I have grown in both confidence and ability. Over the last six months I have really settled into the life of a graduate trainee and as cliché as it sounds, I have not experienced a day which has been exactly the same.

I chose to do a graduate apprenticeship with PKF Francis Clark because, from the very initial stages of the interview process, I felt supported and welcomed. I felt as though if I were to join the firm, I would be valued for both the work I did and who I was as a person. I saw PKF Francis Clark, and now know it to be, as a friendly and sociable place to work, where I feel part of a team and enjoy working with those around me.

The firm provides an amazing opportunity to work towards the ACA qualification and support you through this by the time spent at Reed Business School and by creating an environment where you feel comfortable asking for help from anyone around. Whether it’s a manager or a recently qualified accountant, everyone is happy to take the time to help you understand the content you learn for your exams and the tasks you will perform as a trainee accountant.

PKF Francis Clark offers exposure to a wide variety of clients, from large international firms to smaller family run businesses. It’s a great way to experience different industries and understand how different clients run their businesses. So as a trainee, each week could be completely different in terms of what kind of business you are auditing, where you are working – whether it be in the office or out on site at a client’s and the team of people you are working with. Audit teams differ with every client and I have found this has been a great way to get to know people in my department as I’ve had the chance to work with everyone.

Reed Business School is a fantastic way of learning and studying for the qualification as spending a week learning the content for an exam provides you with a full focus on your studies. Additionally, it also allows you to meet all the other trainees from the PKF Francis Clark offices, as well as trainees from independent firms. This is a great way to make friends and to meet people who are going through the same experience as you, which means you can learn, progress and develop together.

Although the thought of learning new skills, talking to clients and taking exams for a professional qualification initially seemed incredibly daunting, PKF Francis Clark provides a supportive and encouraging atmosphere and does everything possible to ensure you have the best chance possible of passing your exams and progressing within the firm. My experience so far has been really enjoyable and I’m excited to see how my career with PKF Francis Clark grows.

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